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New visa service

Before the situation arose with the need for work permits, those going to Mandritsara for more than three months required a visa before they arrived in Madagascar. They then went to Madagascan embassy in Paris or the consulate Lyon.

Last week Naomi Coleman used a visa service to get her visa which saved her the travel to France or Belgium. It worked well. She received her work permit on Monday, the visa service then sent off her papers to Brussels and they were lodged on the Tuesday. Wednesday was a bank holiday, so the visa was not issued until the Thursday, and Naomi received her passport, complete with visa, on the Saturday morning!

As I write she is en route to Madagascar! Assuming she enters Madagascar successfully, this service will have saved the cost of travel to Brussels, Paris or Lyon. It is amazing to hear that the service costs on £35! Once we have confirmed the details we will add them to this site.

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