Friends of Mandritsara – Volunteers

Contact us

We provide several options for making contact with us.

1 – If you have a general query about how to use the website or find that it is not working as you expect, please contact us using the following link – Contact – FoMT

2 – If you have a query that relates specifically to the DBS check, please contact him using the following link – Contact – DBS

3 – If you have a query about the Work Permit application, please contact us using the following link – Contact – Work Permit

4 – If you have a query about the internal flights booked for you in Madagascar, please contact him using the link – Contact AM-FM Flights coordinator.

5 – If you need to contact the AM-FM Team Leader about forms you need for your visa or with any general question, please contact him using this link – Contact AM-FM Team Leader

6 – If you have a query about getting a visa for your time in Madagascar, please contact us using the link – Contact Visa coordinator.

If you have a query about something not mentioned above, please use option 1.


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