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Below we provide you with links to a number of pages with useful information found on our website and elsewhere. These documents are for your benefit – so do please take the time to read them as soon as possible (and not the day before you set off for Madagascar)!

Internal flights in Madagascar

You may well want to avoid the 24 hours road journey from Tana to Mandritsara! if so you will need the service of MAF or Helismission. Click HERE for more details about the internal flights;

So we recommend that visitors arrange their internal flights before booking their international flights. You do this with the AM-FM flight coordinatorclick HERE.

Travel agents

We recommend that you use a good travel agent. Click HERE for more information and suggestions.

International flights

Click HERE for some advice about the different airlines flying to Madagascar. They can help you get flexible tickets which may be better suited to the uncertainties of travel. You may also be able to get a better luggage allowance.

Luggage allowances

Depending on the airline you travel with, you may be given a luggage allowance of 2 x 23kg plus hand luggage. If you can get this large allowance, and you do not require it all for yourself, you may be willing to take items for the hospital in general or to others living in Mandritsara. Please click here for details of how you could help.


Now that there is a 3G mobile phone network in Mandritsara, it is possible to use smartphones. Click Here for details on apps you may wish to load before you leave your home country. We also give you a rough idea of the cost of internet credit.

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