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Internal flights

Map of Madagascar

Map of Madagascar

The journey from Tana to Mandritsara by road takes about 24 hours and involves almost non-stop driving through the night in a packed taxi brousse. It is much better to plan your visit to Mandritsara so that you can fly with MAF or Helimission.

MAF plan a flight to Mandritsara each month (except August). In addition to this it is also possible to charter a plane to fly to or from Mandritsara. They have two planes:

  1. a small plane (C182) which takes three passengers and a small amount of luggage (max load of people and luggage from Tana is 275Kg ). The flight from Mandritsara to Tana is limited to 245Kg. This plane takes about 1.75 hours from Tana to Mandritsara.
  2. the larger plane (C208) takes up to nine passengers, as well as luggage for nine people. This plane, often referred to as a ‘caravan’, is normally used for the regular monthly flights. This plane takes about 1.5 hours from Tana to Mandritsara.

Helimission visit Mandritsara by invitation, usually six times each year. They usually arrive on a Monday morning, spend the week helping the Community Health team visit remote villages, and return on a Friday afternoon. The helicopter can take up to five passengers with very little luggage or fewer passengers with more luggage. The flight from Tana to Mandritsara takes about 1.75 hours.

We recommend that visitors arrange their internal flights first, before booking their international flights – unless you are willing to travel by taxi-brousse! You need to book your internal flights with the AM-FM flight coordinator – click HERE.

If you have more luggage than can be taken on the plane of helicopter then we can arrange for that to be transported by road and arrive in Mandritsara a couple of days later.

Travel agents

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