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International flights

There are two main airlines with regular flights to Tana: Air France and Kenya Airways.

  • Air France have a non-stop flight direct from Paris Charles de Gaulle, will give you 2 x 23kg luggage allowance. The down side is that you arrive in Tana about 11pm with 300 other people, so there are long queues through passport control.
  • Kenya Airways fly via Nairobi with a stopover in the terminal building. You also get 2 x 23kg luggage allowance. However, the flight arrives in Tana about 4pm and the plane only takes about 100 people, so the queues are shorter and the processing quicker. You can get to your hotel before bed time!

Other routes include: Corsair, Air Mauritius, South Africa Airlink…and recently Air Seychelles and Turkish Airlines (but think though the security issues at the stop-overs) have begun offering flights also. To help you make security decisions, it is advisable that you contact your home country Foreign Office for travel advice (eg. the UK FCO) and find out about transit countries.

We have found the use of an experienced travel agent with a charities desk can be very helpful. We list some suitable travel agents on the links page.

But, it may be worth looking for a flight with a free change(s), so that should your dates change, you would only have to pay for the difference in the fare, The suggested travel agents can help with this, and if your flights are cancelled at the last minute.

Travel Agents   —   Luggage allowances


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