Friends of Mandritsara – Volunteers


Some suggested ‘apps’

Here are some suggested smart phone apps, which you may find helpful in Mandritsara.

  • Gmail – very useful if you use Gmail
  • Airtel Companion Madagascar – which gives details of special bundles, which will help reduce the cost of calls and data
  • Dropbox – allowing on-line storage of documents and photos
  • WPS Office – allows you to open and edit Word, Excel & PowerPoint + PDF reader
  • NIV Bible – in your own language
  • Facebook –  but checkout Tim Chester’s book, “Will you be my Facebook friend?”
  • Facebook Messenger
  • AndBible – can load lots of different Bibles in a variety of languages (but not NIV)
  • Baiboly & Fihirana Protestanta – Malagasy Bible and song book
  • WhatsApp – messaging, phone calls and photo sharing app
  • Skype – video calling software – but uses lots of data
  • Viber – messaging and video calling app, using less data than Skype

You will need your family and friends to have Watsapp, Skype and Viber as well to communicate with them with these apps.

Estimated data usage

If you are using Skype to video call, then obviously it would use up more credit than messaging or email. One missionary says: ‘I have been using Skype regularly and use about 5GB / month (including lots of downloads) for 96 000 Ar (about £20/mth)’.


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