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Travel agents

It is possible to book your flights yourself on-line. However, there are advantages in using a good travel agent, especially if flights are cancelled or delayed at the last minute.

We recommend that you use a good travel agent. See the Links page for those used by others.

The agent can help with:

  • Re-book flights and recover refunds due – if a flight is cancelled
  • Additional, free baggage allowance – help you get a larger luggage allowance
  • Flexible fare conditions, which allow changes for no extra or minimal fee.
  • Extended stay of up to one year: often there is no minimum restriction.

You may have to pay a little extra on the lowest ticket price but the extra flexibility can prove very useful.

One couple was told that their flight has been cancelled just 24 hours before departure; within an hour a travel agent was able to sort out another airline, book tickets and sort out refunds, so they still connected with the MAF flight in Tana.

Internal flights   —   International flights

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