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Using mobile phones


Most of those in Mandritsara use AirTel for making calls, sending texts and gaining internet access. We provide the following download documents to help you setup your phone (whether simple or smart) and your internet connection, and so help make sure that you get the best from your use of AirTel.

In August 2015 AirTel migrated their service from 2G to 3G which has improved internet usage a lot, but with the consequence that it is easier to spend a lot more too! We will aim to keep these notes as up to date as possible (check the date in the footer of each document), but the different packages may change more frequently that we are notified of the changes.

Smart phones

With the advent of 3G more and more people are now using smart phones., This provides the advantage of gaining internet access with your phone and opens a number of possibilities, such as phone/video calls abroad via the internet, access to emails, the Malagasy Bible and hymnbooks, etc.

For some suggested Android apps for your smartphone, please click here.

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