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We have prepared a lot of practical orientation documentation. Follow the appropriate links below to view the documents which are relevant to you. It is possible to print or download relevant pages using the ‘Print‘ icon at the foot of each page.

1 – General Orientation

This applies to ALL volunteers going to Mandritsara. It includes background information about Madagascar, information about the Good News project, the Bible Baptist church and Amis de Mandritsara (AM-FM). Click HERE to view it.

2 – Pre-Departure – Visitors

This applies to students and other visitors going for less than three months. As you will be able to purchase a visitor’s visa when you arrive at the airport in Madagascar, there are considerably fewer requirements. There is lots of useful information which will help you prepare, arrive and stay in Tana and then get to Mandritsara. Do read it! Please Click HERE

3 – Pre-Departure – Workers

This applies to all those requiring a work permit and those staying longer than 3 months. It includes lots of practical advice about what to do before you leave your home country, obtaining your visa, insurance and a lot else. Please read it as soon as you can, and re-read it to gain the full benefit. Please Click HERE 

Madagascar contact details

As the time of your departure gets closer we will send you a list of contact phone numbers which may find helpful as you arrive in Madagascar and travel to Mandritsara. If you have not received them prior to departure please send a message – click here – and ask for them.

4 and 5 – Local Orientation

You will receive an induction once you arrive in Mandritsara, which will be specific to your role. You will receive more documentation there.

General   —   Visitors   —   Workers

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