Friends of Mandritsara – Volunteers

d. Accommodation in Mandritsara – Visitors

All visitors to HVM will be booked into the Oasis guesthouse at HVM or the Boulangerie guesthouse in town. In both cases bedding and towels are supplied.


You will be responsible for preparing your own meals – usually from scratch, and the kitchen at Oasis is there for your use. Some guests like to arrange to cook and eat together, taking turns to prepare and clear up.

It is important that the kitchen is kept clean and tidy to discourage ants!

You will need to buy food from the market in Mandritsara, or you can ask a domestic worker to go for you once or twice a week. You will not find convenience food or ready-meals in the shops here!

Once a week, a meal (currently costing 5,000Ar per person) is prepared by the Oasis workers for all lodgers and other missionaries. It is assumed that you will attend this unless to state otherwise on the notice board in the kitchen.

You are welcome either to bake your own bread or buy bread (2,000Ar) made by Oasis workers.

On weekdays your morning and midday dishes will be washed up by a domestic worker, but you are responsible for your own washing up in the evenings and at weekends.

Please be sure to only drink water that has been filtered, and use only filtered water when making coffee or tea as well! For your stomach’s sake!

Cleaning and Laundry

Your room will be cleaned once a week by a domestic worker who can also do your laundry (apart from underwear which you will need to wash yourself).


If you would like to have visitors during your stay in Mandritsara, please speak to the AM-FM Team Leader before making any arrangements.

Also, if you plan to stay the night elsewhere (e.g. an overnight trip to a village), you must let the Guesthouse Manager and AM-FM Team Leader know.


There is a night watchman every night from 5pm to 7am (and on Sundays during the morning church service). There is a whistle in each room to attract his attention.


Usually there are bikes available for your use if you want to cycle into town or go for a bike ride.

Oasis prices (from Jan 2015)

The standard daily rate per adult is 15,000Ar whether for single or shared rooms.

Communications   —   Arrival and staying in Tana

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