Friends of Mandritsara – Volunteers

a. Timetable – Workers

There are a number of dependent steps which need to be taken, so the following will be helpful to you.

(Please note: this is first draft after adding the new work permit requirements)

Suggested timetable Actions
Four months before departure
  1. Agree your planned visit to Mandritsara with the AM-FM Team Leader and obtain a ‘Letter of Invitation’
  2. Discuss possible MAF/Helimission flights to Mandritsara and make initial reservations
  3. Make sure that you have a valid passport with at least six months remaining on your planned return date. If not, get it renewed now.
  4. Go to Step 2 – DBS checks – start process
  5. Go to Step 3 – Work Permit – fill out forms
Three months before departure
  1. Visit your GP / practice nurse – Plan and start your course of injections and decide on your malaria prophylaxis (see Things to Bring).  Discuss any long-term medical problems/medication with your GP and the AM-FM Team Leader who will put you in touch with one of the team doctors here.
  2. Go to Step 4 – Visa preparation – start gathering required documents
  3. Get at least eight passport photos – two for your visa courtoise and the rest to bring with you.
Two months before departure Once you have your work permit:

  1. Go to Step 5 – Confirm internal flights
  2. Go to Step 6 – Book international flights
  3. Go to Step 7 – Apply for your visa
  4. Complete injections
  5. Sort out how you will access your emails while in Mandritsara and prepare your laptop (see Orientation – Communications) and mobile phone.
One month before departure
  1. Go to Step 8 – Liability Waiver – sign and return the form
  2. You may want to register with your embassy in Madagascar.  For those coming from the UK see Foreign Office website or once you are in Madagascar.
  3. Contact David Mann if you have spare luggage capacity.

Pre-DepartureThings to bring

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