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Steps to go

Before you are able to leave for Mandritsara there are a number of steps to be completed. These are like to take three to four months for a worker. So steps 2 and 3 need be started straight away. The processing of a Work Permit application can take four weeks after it has arrived in Madagascar, allowing you to carry on with steps 4, 5 and 8. Don’t do step 6 until you have a work permit.

If you will NOT be working in Mandritsara, then click here for a shorter list for non-workers (who are going for fewer than 91 days).


For workers and those going more than 90 days, please complete ALL the following steps in order 1 to 10. The steps are in a logical order, as the latter steps depend on earlier ones. You may find it useful to print this page and annotate as you proceed.See the ‘Print’ icon below.

The steps listed below all relate to the tasks to be be completed jointly by you, the missionary team in Mandritsara and by Friends of Mandritsara Trust here in the UK.

There are many other things you need to think through (such as inoculations, things to buy and pack) which are listed on separate Orientation, Pre-departure pages for Visitors and Workers. You need to be looking at these as well.

These steps include:
  1. Step 1 (All): enquiry about volunteering in Mandritsara
  2. Step 2 (All): DBS check – this sets out the detailed tasks you need to do to to help us apply for a DBS check. Click HERE for the detailed tasks
  3. Step 3 (W):  Work Permit – you need to complete a number of forms. See the Work Permit page for details about completing these forms
  4. Step 4 (W): Visa preparation – you need to start collecting a number of documents before you can apply for a visa to enter Madagascar. Click HERE for details.
  5. Step 5 (All)Internal flightsyou need to confirm your internal Madagascar flights with the AM-FM Flights Coordinator. Click HERE for more details.
  6. Step 6 (All): International flights – you need to book your international flights. You must have an international return flight before you can get your visa. Click HERE to access more details.
  7. Step 7 (W): you need to proceed with applying for your visa. Click HERE for more details.
  8. Step 8 (All): Liability waiver – You now need to complete and sign the AM-FM Liability Waiver. Click HERE for details.
  9. Step 9 (W): Doctors must register with ONM if they are to practise – click here
  10. Step 10 (All): Sit down and have a cup of tea! You will also find it useful to look at the main Mandritsara website, check out some of the recent events in ‘News‘, and request to receive the missionary prayer letters – click here to get them by email.
  • All = everyone
  • W = only short-term worker or someone going for more than 90 days (note: students are not workers)
Check list

You can download a checklist of things to do by clicking here.

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