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7. Get your visa (W)

MAF plane on the airstrip

MAF plane on the airstrip

Step 7 (Workers)

You are nearly there! So far you have:

  • received a clear DBS check
  • a work permit to work in Mandritsara
  • confirmed your internal flights in Madagascar
  • booked your international flights and have a ticket

You are now able to proceed with applying for your visa.

7a – points to note

But there are several points to note:

  1. You cannot do this more than three months before your departure date.
  2. Currently it is not possible to obtain a visa in the UK. The nearest embassies are in France (Paris) and Belgium (Brussels).
  3. You might consider using a Visa Consultant who, for a fee, will help you with this process.
Application forms:

This step requires different application forms depending on how long you plan to be in Mandritsara.

7b – Less than three months

If you are going for less than 90 days, and require a work permit, then you will need to apply for a ‘DEMANDE POUR UN VISA DE MOINS DE TROIS MOIS‘, also referred to as a ‘COURT SEJOUR‘ (short stay) visa. You can download an application form here. A completed example can be downloaded here, which will help you complete the form. You need to select 30, 60 or 90 days to cover the full length of your stay in Madagascar.

7c – More than three months

If you will be in Mandritsara for more than 90 days then you will need to apply for a Visa de Courtoise‘ (a courtsey visa). You can download an application form here. The Visa de Courtoise allows a one month stay in Madagascar and is valid for six months from date of issue. So you can apply for the visa well ahead of going. During the first month in Madagascar the HVM Bureau in Tana will get the visa extended to the end of your stay.

7d – What documents do you need?

For details of the various documents you will require, please click here.

How to get your visa – two options:

You now need to make a choice, which may well be influenced by how soon you hope to travel:

  • using a visa consultant to get the visa for you, OR
  • going yourself to either the Madagascar embassy in Paris or Brussels.
7E – Using a visa consultant

Several who have gone recently have used a visa consultant to obtain their visas, which has proved a very speedy process – five days including getting the passport back.

We suggest you use Diversity Travel. Their visa office is at Ground Floor, 9/10 Staple Inn, London, WC1V 7QH. Theit telephone number is 020 3544 3550 and the best contact is Dan Hall. The cost will be about £185 for an urgent visa application for one person. If you have more than one person the costs will not simply be double. Also it will be less if there is no urgency.

If you use Diversity Travel to get your visa you will also need to complete their application form and arrange payment direct to them.

7F – Going yourself

If you choose to get your visa yourself then please click here for more details, including details of the embassies in Paris and Brussels.

You have to book an appointment; you cannot just turn up. This is probably best done over the telephone.


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