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2. DBS check

Step 2 (All)

All volunteers going to Mandritsara under the auspices of FoMT/AM-FM are required to undergo a police check to make sure they are suitable to be with children and vulnerable adults.

If you live outside the UK

If you live outside the UK, you should not complete the step below. Instead, please will you contact our DBS Coordinator. You will need to obtain the equivalent check in your home country. Please do not make any payment to us.

If you live in the UK

In the UK this requires a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. We will do this through the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) who act on our behalf.

In order for FoMT to do this check we need you to provide the information detailed below. Please click here to download the Applicant’s Guide produced by CCPAS, which will help you provide the information and be sure that it is all correct.

This part of the process will be led by the FoMT DBS Coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns please contact him by clicking here.

Initial contact email

You will receive an email from the DBS Coordinator:

  • giving you a postal address that you will require when you have completed the forms referred to below.
  • asking you to make a payment to cover the cost of your DBS check. The amounts are set out below and in the right hand payment panel.
  • giving you our organisation reference and password for the on-line application.
2a – Make payment

You should make the DBS payment:

  • £60 – for each elective student, if you are visiting Mandritsara as part of your training
  • £15 – for each other category of volunteer or visitor to Mandritsara
Payments for DBS checks
Please enter your name(s) below:

Once you have made the payment please continue with the following steps.

Invitation to Applicant

Once you have made the initial contact with the DBS Coordinator you will receive an email thanking you for your request to volunteer at the Good News project, where you will be exposed to children and / or adults at risk. It will ask you to complete the following steps (2B to 2J).

2b – manually complete form

You need to complete the ‘Self-declaration Form for a Person Requiring a Disclosure‘. Click here to download the form, carefully complete the form (following the advice in the Applicant’s Guide). Once you have completed this action, keep the form safe and then post it to the address given in your initial contact email with items from action 2H below..

2c – Complete on-line form

You need to complete an on-line DBS application form, again following the Applicant’s Guide. Click here to be taken to the on-line form. The DBS Coordinator will have given you our organisation reference and password. You will need to have your National Insurance number to do this.

2d – collect and copy three ID documents

You need to gather together a number of original documents needed to prove your identity. Click here to download and view the precise requirements. Please TAKE CARE! We would expect most people to go through ‘Route One, as set out on the DBS ‘What documents to produce?’ notes. We recommend that you select: passport, plus two of: driving licence, bank or credit card statement, council tax statement (with at least one showing your current address).  The Post Office will not certify certain documents, such as birth, adoption and marriage certificates, so best not to use them.

Once you have three suitable documents, you must photocopy each document. It is these copies which will be certified and then you will send to us.

2e – download and complete Post office form

You must now download the one-page Post Office ID Checking Service form, and complete it. Be sure to follow the precise instructions.

2f – find suitable post office

You now need to find a Post Office which provides the Document Checking Service. Click here, click on ‘Products & Services, and tick ‘Document Certification Service’ and then click on ‘Search.

2G – before you go to p.o.

Before you go to the Post Office make sure you have with you:

  • The completed Post Office ID Checking Service form
  • Your three identifying documents (eg passport, driving licence, bank statement)
  • Photocopies of the three identifying documents (which are of good quality)
  • £8.75 in cash.
2h – visit post office

Once you know where to go, you need to take the three original and three photcopied documents and the Post Office ID Checking Service form to this post office and make use of their Document Certification Service. You will have to pay the Post Office £8.75 to use this service. It may be wise to photocopy and keep a copy of the ID Checking Service form once certified.

2i – post documents

Once you have the certified ID Checking Service form and your three certified, photocopied documents, please send all four documents by First Class post or Special Delivery to the address given in the initial contact email.

Also, remember to include the completed Self-declaration Form for a Person Requiring a Disclosure from action 2B above. So there should be five documents in your envelope.

2j – send message to dbs coordinator

It will also be helpful if you sent a message to the DBS Coordinator to say when the documents had been posted. Click here to send a message.

This concludes the process for applying for a DBS check. You should receive a copy of the DBS disclosure certificate. The DBS Coordinator will be in touch (hopefully in 4 or 5 days time) with the outcome of the check and to advise you about the next step.

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