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5. Internal flights

Step 5 (Visitors and Workers)

MAF plane arriving-01

By this stage you will have received a favourable DBS check and have sent off your work permit forms to Madagascar! The only other legal check to go is to obtain a visa.

While you are waiting for the scanned copy of your work permit to arrive (for your visa application), it will be good to sort out your internal flights in Madagascar. You will have been given some information about flights at the start of the process, but things can change. Occasionally a MAF plane or Helimission helicopter may be grounded awaiting repairs or the trip cancelled.

You can find out more about the internal flights by clicking here, including the current flight schedules – but these are subject to change! Use them for general planning only!


So, you need to confirm your internal flights with AM-FM Flights Coordinator. Click HERE to send a message asking for confirmation of your flights. Also, if you have decided to go by taxi brousse instead, please be sure to send a message, as someone else may be able to use the seat currently earmarked for you.

We recommend that you do NOT book any international flights until you have received confirmation of your internal flights.

One volunteer booked her international flights before she had her visa, so ended up with having to purchase a new ticket. 

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