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8. Liability waiver

STEP 8 (Visitors and Workers)

Sadly, we live in uncertain times and the cost of any legal claim would probably bankrupt the charity, causing the work we do to end. So we ask that each volunteer going to Mandritsara through AM-FM and FoMT to sign the attached liability waiver form – please click HERE to download the form. Once completed please post to the address at the foot of the form.

The wording of the liability waiver is included below:

  1. My primary task when volunteering in Mandritsara will be:
  2. I have voluntarily chosen to help the AM-FM team in Mandritsara in this particular ministry. I acknowledge that there may be incidental civil and political disturbances that may affect my personal freedom and safety. I have carefully evaluated the potential risk of personal injury or detention and I believe that the risks are worth the service I am volunteering to do. I therefore agree to personally assume all risks associated with this period of volunteer service.
  3. Whilst AM-FM wish for all their volunteers to feel supported and work in a safe and peaceful environment as part of a harmonious team, I recognise that they cannot be liable for my safety and wellbeing whilst working as a volunteer.
  4. I release AM-FM, its members and partner organisations from all liability for my safety and well-being while I am travelling to or from and residing in, or around, Mandritsara. I further indemnify them from any loss, damages or claims, including reasonable legal fees paid to any person claiming to be a member of my family, institution, a dependent or creditor, and arising from any injury, harm, damage or death during my service in, or around, Mandritsara.
  5. I acknowledge that while I am serving in Madagascar I remain a citizen of a foreign country, and I agree to the best of my knowledge and ability to abide by the laws and other governmental regulations affecting my activities and presence in Madagascar.

I willingly enter into this Liability Waiver and knowingly and intentionally assume all risks related to injury and/or detainment while volunteering with AM-FM in and around Mandritsara, Madagascar. I also confirm the details supplied by me in the Schedule below are correct.

If you have any questions about the completion of this form, please click here.

Thank you.

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