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4. Visa preparation (W)

Step 4 (Workers)

Once you have completed your Word Permit forms and they have been sent off to Madagascar, you now need to start thinking about your visa. Do not wait until you have received the scanned copy of your work permit.

Note well: Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of 12 months from the date of obtaining your visa. You should have at least 2 blank pages in your passport on arrival.

90 days or FEWER and no need for A work permit

If you are going for 90 or fewer days and not working, you will only require a Visitor Visa, which you can obtain at the airport after your arrival in Madagascar. See Orientation – Visitors – In Tana for instructions and the latest ‘Visa price guide’. You will need to take Euros or US Dollars to pay for this. The price varies depending on your length of stay.

Three months PLUS or need a work permit

For those in this category you must obtain a visa before you enter Madagascar, and for this you will need a work permit.

What you need to have before you can get a visa:

You should not book your visit to the Embassy/Consulate (or ask a visa consultant to get your visa) until you have the following items:

  • A valid passport with at least six months remaining when you return to the UK, plus at least two spare pages for the visa – check your passport now!
  • A standard DBS check (less than three months old) – which is the nearest thing to the French Bulletin no. 3 
  • A formal letter of invitation from AM-FM in Mandritsara – available from the AM-FM Team Leader
  • A copy of the current Accord de Siègeavailable from the AM-FM Team Leader
  • A scanned copy of your work permit from Madagascar for the role you will be performing
  • Return flight tickets to Madagascar (it must be a return ticket, even if you later change the actual date of return)
  • A contract issued by FoMT (currently by David Mann) in the UK
  • Two passport photos as required for a UK passport – with white background
  • An Attestation d’Hebergement et de prise en charge issued by the Team Leader in Mandritsara.

You CANNOT apply for your visa until you have your work permit (step 3) and a confirmed international flight (step 6)! But you can start preparing for it while you wait for the work permit to be issued.

The application process is dealt with in Step 7.

If you need to contact the AM-FM Team Leader to request any of these forms, please click HERE

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