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3. Work Permit (W)

Step 3 (Workers)

Jen+Marcus Watkins at outpatients service

We now need to prepare the documents to be submitted for your work permit application. Please aim to send in your completed work permit forms three months before the date you intend to arrive in Madagascar (not just Mandritsara).

3a. WP Forms

You will receive an email from the Work Permit Coordinator (WPC) enclosing three forms you need to complete – BY HAND!

The three forms are:

  1. Declaration sur l’honneur (one copy)
  2. Renseignements relatifs aux travailleurs (ony copy)
  3. Convention d’emploi benevole (you need to complete THREE original copies) the lower part (the WPC will complete the top part once you have sent the forms back to him)

Also, you will be sent sample documents to help you complete these forms correctly. If you have any questions, please send an email or message to the WPC. We suggest that you do NOT sign these forms until you are with your solicitor (so he/she sees you sign them).

It is important that you complete these forms as soon as you receive them, to avoid delays in gaining your work permit. The work permit processing in Madagascar will take about one month.

3b. Visit solicitor

Once the forms (five in total – 1+1+3) have been completed you need to arrange a visit to a solicitor (or is there one in your church?) who will need to certify your signature on all five forms. The Malagasy government only accepts documents stamped with BLUE ink (or the form will be returned to you as rejected and will delay your application). Be sure the signatures and stamp are kept to the left hand side of the form – leaving space for the FoMT signatures and stamps on the right.

3c. Send signed forms

The five completed forms should then be sent by FIRST class mail to the WPC at the address given to you with the forms. Please click HERE to tell the WPC when you have sent the forms. You can now proceed with Step 4 – Visa preparation.

Once received from you, the WPC will check and scan the forms, add a fourth form which he completes, get them certified by our solicitor, then send them to Madagascar.  If there are any queries he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once in Madagascar, the AM-FM Team Leader will then arrange for the forms to be sent to the appropriate government offices and start the process of obtaining your work permit.

3d. Payment

We may ask you to make a contribution towards courier costs, but this depends on who else may be going to Mandritsara ahead of you.

If there is no other volunteer able to take your documents to Mandritsara, we will use a courier service to increase security and to save time. The WPC will contact you with the amount to be paid. You will be asked to enter the amount after clicking on the ‘Donate‘ button below.

The FoMT Treasurer will confirm receipt of the payment.

3e. While processing in Madagascar

Once you have sent off the forms and while they are being processed in Madagascar we suggest you proceed to step 4 (visa preparation), step 5 (internal flights) and step 8 (liability waiver)

3f. Work permit issued

Once the work permit has been issued you will receive an email with a scanned copy. This is sufficient for obtaining your visa (step 7).

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